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  • What are the Billion Avenue earrings made of?
  • 925 Sterling Silver with or without a golden plating

  • Can I wear my earrings in the shower and sleep with them? 
  • The golden jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver but is coated with a few microns of golden plating. We recommend you to not shower with them. Keep it away from water, perfumes, alcohol and other damaging products to avoid fading away the golden plating. If exposed to any of the above the gold plated will tarnish and turn silver or black. Products like cosmetics, hair spray, perfume, deodorant, body lotion, etc., can speed up the oxidizing process. Keep your silver jewelry in a closed bag that is protected from air and store it in a dark space.
    Only full 9k/14k/18k earrings will not change in color, but the price will be different. 

  • Why is everything sold individually?
  • We encourage you to make your own personal combination. You can combine all earrings endlessly. Be creative, create your own look. If you want to buy as a pair, add 2 pieces in your cart.

  • What is your return/exchange policy?
  • You get 30 days from the day you received your order, to return your items. Click here to find out how!

  • How can I buy a gift for a friend?
  • You can choose to buy an e-gift card. After the payment is complete you will receive the gift card in your mail. Print it, wrap it and gift it! Easy if you need a last minute gift. You can also place an order with a different shipping address if you would like to surprise your beloved ones! 

  • You are a shop owner and you would like to become a reseller? 
  • We are currently working on our wholesale system. Please send us an e-mail with your story, location and pictures of your store.

  • The slot of my earring is stuck. What can I do? 
  • We check every earring before sending out. Sterling silver is a soft metal and easy to adapt. It’s a common problem when you are trying to close your earring too hard. You can easily adapt the hook with your fingers. Push the fixed part up or down until it clicks back!

  • What are the options for payment on the webshop?
  • You can pay with bancontact QR, visa, ideal,  mastercard, paypal,...


  • How can I get the Billion Avenue keychain?
    All orders > 100 euro will receive the Billion Avenue keychain.